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Fiesta Time!

We are by the lake! Our beautiful waters offer party beach vibes to boost our mood, enjoy life and balance our minds. After enjoying sunny beaches in Florida and experiencing Zumba® in Miami plus traveling on the Zumba ® Cruise, G Studioz had to bring this energy back to Port Credit on Lakeshore West . It is time to celebrate our self-worth, so unleash your inner unicorn, mare or stallion. Add some sparkle, a dash of baddie, a pinch of sugar and lots of spice.

Now, we understand that life isn’t coloured roses all the time, but that’s okay! Here at G Studioz we value self-care. Unwind, relax and enjoy peaceful healing with Mystic Message. We offer Guided Meditation classes, Meditation with Sound Healing Classes , Meditation with Crystals and Sound Healing and Group Energy Healing with Colour & Art class.

It is time to shine! G Studioz is a safe haven to balance both your Zumba ® dance cardio needs and wellness healing (by Mystic Message). Both G Studioz + Mystic Message work together to bridge the gap in fitness and wellness harmony

 Unforgettable ENERGY, laughter and fun!

It’s a VIBE.

Step into bliss at G studioz