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Energy work using crystals, singing bowls and meditation to bring inner peace and alignment to our mind, body & soul.

Sound Healing Treatment

Using crystal singing bowls, brass bowls, instruments, rattle drum and flue over and around the body to attune and release energy.

Energy Healing with Colour & Art

Meditation can be way to let go and explore our creative side. Using colours like crayons and sketch pad you will create intuitive art on a wellness level.

Oracle Card Reading

Need answers or guidance from beyond this world ? Peaceful loving energy is used for this service to find answers to questions using card decks.

Guided Meditation

Enjoy a peaceful guided meditation leading you through a journey. Either seated or laying down.

Meditation with Sound Healing

Experience guided meditation with singing bowls, crystal instruments, rattle, drum and flute.

Meditation with Crystals and Sound Healing

Using crystal energy with a guided meditation and singing bowls. A crystal is used for each person.

Crystal Healing Treatment

Using crystals placed on and around the body for energy healing. Peaceful experience.

words of wisdom :

Many of us are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening predicted from ancient times. It is said a large group of collected consciousness will uprise to a glorious event to help mankind evolve and expand gifted abilities with knowledge during this Golden Age. Most people are experiencing an unusual phenomena from sensitivity to sounds, psychic abilities, herbalism, recalling past lives, dreaming to moving away from cities and farming land. As we move closer to the Golden age it is important to practice self-care through meditation, group healing classes and events.  No experience is needed. Self-care just means relaxation of the mind, body, soul and spirit. A moment of peace can improve overall health.

Shine your light, there is no competition, but to do better than yourself. I AM. – Mystic Message

By listening to our inner compass, we are fulfilling our life’s journey. Your inner knowing has brought you here for a reason.