Welcome back!

As we begin 2023, take a deep breathe and release when you’re ready. Meditation has proven to decrease stress, relax muscles and calm down the mind. Here are G Studioz we value self-care in all aspects of life such as the mind ,body, soul and spirit.

New to meditation or even relaxation? All you need is 5mins to step away from our present day-to-day chatter at work or home life. You can sit in the car, run to your bedroom and close the door, or close the door to your office (some even use the bathroom LOL). wherever you are, either use a pair of headphones or turn up the sound.

Click on a livestream on Youtube . Our favourite is this link here : https://www.youtube.com/yellowbrickcinema/live

Put a timer on you’re phone for 5mins. Gently get comfortable , grab a blanket if you need one and close your eyes. Remember this is not for sleeping, but only resting the body and mind. Allow the mind to ease and let go of those thought bubbles. Just focus on softening the mind, let go and enjoy the music. Take care everyone! Much love xo ~ Mystic Message